Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Pen Generation

Dong-a, Pilot, Raynolds, Parker, Mongol and Faber Castle...
Are you familiar with any of those? :)
These are the common names we use to brag at school.
I'll share you my writing partners since I started schooling. :) When I was in pre-school I use  Mongol in writing lectures, projects, homeworks and seatworks. And I'm proud to say that I bite my eraser when I get bored. HAHA :)  
I usually use Panda or HBW when I was in gradeschool. My classmates laugh and tells me that my ballpen is cheap. But who cares I feel comfortable with it.
Here comes highschool life, say hello to my G-Tec pen. I prefer G-Tec-C4 rather than C3. Why? C3 becomes useless after you dropping it once.

Over all  I still like my mongol pencil and cheap HBW pen but I'm inlove with my G-Tec C4.

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