Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Pen Generation

Dong-a, Pilot, Raynolds, Parker, Mongol and Faber Castle...
Are you familiar with any of those? :)
These are the common names we use to brag at school.
I'll share you my writing partners since I started schooling. :) When I was in pre-school I use  Mongol in writing lectures, projects, homeworks and seatworks. And I'm proud to say that I bite my eraser when I get bored. HAHA :)  
I usually use Panda or HBW when I was in gradeschool. My classmates laugh and tells me that my ballpen is cheap. But who cares I feel comfortable with it.
Here comes highschool life, say hello to my G-Tec pen. I prefer G-Tec-C4 rather than C3. Why? C3 becomes useless after you dropping it once.

Over all  I still like my mongol pencil and cheap HBW pen but I'm inlove with my G-Tec C4.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My First Blog Post!

Hello everyone!

I'm Lisa Mikaela Liwanagan. But you can call me ISSA for short.

I'll be sharing lots of things starting today! From memorable gifts, events, school gossips, music, cute stuffs and many more!

I'm honestly dedicating this blog to my eldest brother who is currently away from home. "Kuya, I miss you! :)"

I hope you'll support my first ever blog page.